Sunset and Moonrise


This postcard is composed of photographs from the trek to Kodachadri in Karnataka, India.  It was a moderate trek and we had managed to reach the peak before sunset.  We had planned to settle near Sarvajna Peetha (the place where Adi Shankara is believed to have meditated).

IMG_9243The pathway leading to the peak.  Sarvajna Peetha is visible at the far end.

At fist sight, the peak appeared to offer an excellent view of the valley below and a perfect spot to view the sunset.  On reaching there we were tempted to move down to a small hillock, nested beyond the peak.  The place was already getting crowded with photographers and tourists.   The landscape beveled to give a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and one could even get a glimpse of the famous Kollur temple from the spot.  On a clear day, the spot offers a view of the distant shoreline on the Arabian Sea.

We were all set to capture the Sun retiring for the day.  The crowd at the edge of Sarvajna Peetha had grown and were eagerly waiting.  The Sun started its descent rapidly and there was loud round of applause.


The Sun had set and we thought the show was over.  But in a few minutes, there was another round of applause and the crowd turned their heads in the opposite direction.  We were in for a surprise.  The full Moon was beginning to rise.  The whole scene had changed dramatically.


The moon climbed up slowly and posed beautifully on top of the Peetha.   The view was mesmerizing.   Its hard to forget such a moment as it sticks to your memory lane.

The crowd stayed on until dark and then the campings began.  By nightfall the whole area was cramped with tents and open camps.  We pitched our tents on the hillock.  We descended early next morning catching a glimpse of the Sunrise as well.

It had been a memorable trek where we witnessed some of nature’s real beauty and strength.  I am not sure if it would all fall in place again at the same place to make memories ring a sweet chime again.


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