Emerald Lake & Pristine Beaches


This is a postcard from a road trip to Mahe, Pondicherry.  The ride starting from Bangalore, past Mysore, Virajpet and through the Western Ghats to Iritty in Kerala and to Kannur and Mahe.  Mahe, a union territory that belongs to Pondicherry is nestled in Kerala on the west coast kissing the Arabian Sea.

The ride lasted for more than 16 hours if not more.  The stunning beauty of the hills and the delicate flora held us captive more than once.  We could not just whiz past these adorable scenes.  The winding roads on the Ghats with thick forest cover and the persistent bird songs all the way make it a pleasant ride.

The ghat section begins a few miles past Virajpet on the way to Iritty.  The green canopy thickens and the road start snaking through the woods.   The picture perfect frames keep rolling one after the other.  Once past few villages, we caught sight of the Lake View Restaurant perched on a high land overlooking the lake by the side of the road.  The lake wore an emerald tint and was banked on one end by the road.  The sight simply bewitched us that we spent the next couple of hours framing it to pictures.  The tree cover bordering the lake added to the tint.

PC_Mahe_RoadTrip_1The emerald lake by the side of the road in Western Ghats.

Before we could detach ourselves from the stunning beauty of the landscapes, the seas took over.  The coast started looming  ahead and the geography changed completely.  The lush green tint was replaced by a blend of turquoise and blue.  The forests gave way to the vast expanse of the seas and the roads were narrow and lined with coconut and palm trees.  By sunset we had reached Thalassery, a pretty town set on a Kerala backdrop.

The town has a long shore line and the sea bridge heading few meters into the Arabian Sea is a perfect spot to catch the sun set.  From there one could spot the sand dunes on a rocky island popping out from the sea. The sun turned down sending a tinge of orange light into the skies that stroked the blue canvas with a blazing signature.


The view from Thalassery beach and the distant view of rock structures in the sea.

With an exorbitant intake of visual treats offered on the way, we hit Mahe late night, only to be absorbed and teleported to a different world by the tranquility and serenity of the place.


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