Mexico City, From Up & Above


Even though I am not a big fan of high-rise buildings, I wanted to scale to the top of the 188 meters tall ‘Torre Latinoamericana’ (Latin-American Tower) at the heart of Mexico’s capital.  Apart from the aerial view it would have to offer, there was something that kept urging me to try the 70 MXN ride to the top.  Being one of the oldest buildings in Mexico City, the crowd was not heavy on a Sunday evening.  The 44 storied tower had a museum displaying its own history and that of Mexico on the 37th floor and an observation tower seven floors above.

It was cold and windy at the observation tower and the view was panoramic.  The top views of Palacio de Belles Artes, the City Square (Centro) and the distant hills that wall Mexico City’s boundaries were clearly visible.  There were people who were consumed by the view glued to a spot gazing at infinity, kids running around to try the 90 second view through the telescopes, families posing for photographs with the vast City beneath them and the odd photographers searching for their best shots.


It would have been a mere 60 minute ordeal had the crowd not moved to the west suddenly to marvel the sun setting over the horizon silhouetting the city’s skyline against an orange-blue canvas.  It was a matter of minutes, before the city was bejeweled lighting up the night sky.  The scene changed entirely and the crowd surged.   Watching this transformation, I could only admire the beauty of the city and the purpose of the tower.  Though, it no longer hold the record for the tallest building in the country, it would still be loved by Mexicans and tourists alike and would continue to mesmerize the crowd from the top.



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